The remarkable story of one family and three brothers in the heart of the Côte de Sézanne.

Up until the 1960s our family grew vines mainly to make a little wine for personal consumption. In those days, our great-great-uncle Anthime, who had lost a leg during the 1st World War, just tended a few small plots of vines.

From the ‘60s onwards, our great aunt Renée, along with our grandparents Paulette and Raymond, planted a lot more vines. Up till then however, all the grapes they produced were sold on.

In 1973, a first milestone was reached, with the decision nolongerto sell the grapes, but to produce champagne through a cooperative. Our father, René Collet,created his own brand of champagne, having noticed the growing demand for champagne from smaller producers. Sales reached an all-time high at the start of 2000.

With the new millennium came a new direction as one after the other, Vincent, Thomas and Florent returned to thefamily business. In 2002 we decided that we would take over the wine-process from start to finish, aiming to bring out the very best Fontaine-Denis has to offer. It was a considerable challenge and we had to invest heavily in a new winery, new cellars and all the wine-making equipment that enables us, today, to offer our clients and partners champagnes that are authentic, generous and precisely crafted.


Vincent Collet

Head of the Estate
Joined the family business in 2001
My job is to look after the vines by ensuring that the soil is as healthy as possible

Thomas Collet

Cellar Master
Joined the family business 2005
I use a meticulous, plot-by-plot approach to wine-making that brings out the best from our terroir.

Florent Collet

Marketing Manager
Joined the family business in 2011
Listening to our customers and partners ensures that they enjoy our work we much as we do

René Collet

Founded the family business in 1973
My task is to be the bridge between generations through my knowledge and experience.

Champagne René Collet