At the heart of the côte de Sézanne lies Fontaine-Denis, the unique birth place of our champagnes

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Champagne René Collet Champagne René Collet

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None of the vineyards on our estate is more than 2km fromour headquarters in the village of Fontaine-Denis (Marne-France).

This location at the heart of the Côte de Sézanne boasts a very particular geology. On a bed of subsoil mainly comprising chalk(more than 400m thick), sit a variety of different topsoils including silts and clays of varying thickness. Added to these geological characteristics is the fact that the majority of our vineyard slopes face south or south-east, and an average age for our vines of over 35 years. All this combined means that our champagnes give you an extraordinary snapshot of our unique terroir.

In order to bring out the characteristics of the land in our champagnes we use the most environmentally friendly practices possible in each of the 15 plots of vines on our estate which is planted:
- 60% chardonnay
- 35% Pinot noir
- 5% pinot meunier.
We do 100% of the work in the vineyards ourselves and we take care to let grass grow between the rows.

Champagne René Collet